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Caio Collet takes victory from F3 Sprint Race

Caio Collet wins the Dutch grand prix after a dominant display

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A superb drive from MP Motorsport’s Caio Collet allowed the Brazilian to win the Sprint Race. 

Collet was accompanied on the podium by Juan Manuel Correa and Zak O’Sullivan. This was Correa’s best result of the season as it saw his first podium finish in Formula 3.

As it happened  

After a tense qualifying session yesterday, Correa started from reverse grid pole position. Gregoire Saucy joined him on the front row with yesterday’s pole sitter Zane Maloney starting from 12th.  

A quick start for Correa kept the driver in first position but a poor start from Saucy meant that Collet took second place on the first lap. Saucy ended up dropping to fifth place, overtaken by O’Sullivan and Edgar.  

Maloney was pushed into the gravel on the first turn by Roman Stanek which left Maloney outside of the top 20.  

On the second lap, Correa maintained his lead over Collet but faced a lot of pressure from second place. Zak Crawford and Sebastian Montoya had an intense battle for eighth place which saw Montoya hold the position. 

William Alatalo had to come into the pits on lap three after puncturing his tyre at the beginning of the race.  

Collet put in a fastest lap at the end of the third lap as he hunted down Correa. On the next lap, he nearly overtook the leader on the outside of Turn One, Correa held the lead but would eventually lose out on the following lap after an intense fight.

There was contact on the same lap between Brad Benavides and Rafael Villagomez which saw Benavides spin around into Turn One. This resulted in Villagomez being given a 10-second penalty for losing control.  

On lap 6, Collet was pulling away with the race lead, slowly making a gap between him and second place. 

A storming Arthur Leclerc made his way into P15 at the end of lap 9, overtaking Francesco Pizzi, before making another move at the end of lap 11, overtaking Kaylen Frederick for 14th place.  


Towards the back of the grid, Maloney overtook David Schumacher for 19th place on lap 14 after he found himself in the gravel at the beginning of the race. He soon moved into 18th place on the next lap. 

On lap 16, Ollie Bearman dropped back to 11th place after going wide at Turn Four. Stanek overtook the driver for P10 after applying pressure for the last few laps.  

A battle between Crawford and Montoya continued throughout the race, with Montoya holding the American off for eighth place. Crawford nearly took the position on lap 18 but he could not get past.  

On the final lap, a three-way fight between Leclerc, Alexander Smolyar and Franco Colapinto saw Leclerc overtake Smolyar for P13. However, Smolyar’s car appeared to have been damaged and fell far behind the battle.  

The race ended with debutant Montoya holding on for his first points in the standings as he continued to stay ahead of Crawford. 

A solid drive from Collet allowed the MP Motorsport driver to win the race, ahead of an impressive Correa. Correa’s performance allowed the driver to step onto the F3 podium for the first time.  


1- Collet

2- Correa

3- O’Sullivan 

4- Edgar

5- Saucy

6- Hadjar

7- Martins

8- Montoya

9- Crawford

10- Stanek

Feature Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons 

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