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The 2021 F1 season has lost yet another race

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The Singapore Grand Prix has been officially cancelled, according to a report on BBC Sport. F1 are working on arrangements to maintain a 23 race season. 

It appears F1 and the authorities in Singapore reached a mutual agreement that it would not be possible to hold the event due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and immigration restrictions in the city.

According to Andrew Benson of the BBC, Turkey, China and a second race in the US are all possible replacements to keep the planned 23 race calendar possible.

The race was initially scheduled for 1-3 October, and F1 have refused to comment on the cancellation as of yet. Despite this, a spokesperson said: “We continue to work with all promoters during this fluid time and have plenty of options to adapt if needed.” 

The Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican and Australian Grands Prix are all in doubt for various reasons, COVID of course being the main one.

This news comes not long after F1 realised they may need a quick vaccine programme in place to ensure they can race at Zandvoort. The sport seemingly running into one problem after another.

This article will be updated if we hear more on this news.


Info: BBC Sport


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