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Franco Colapinto, Zak O'Sullivan, Sebastian Montoya

F3: Colapinto disqualified, O’Sullivan takes the win

The F3 Sprint Race saw all MP Motorsport cars being diqualified due to technical infringments

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Franco Colapinto has been disqualified from the F3 Sprint Race in Albert Park. The Argentinian driver loses the win due to technical infringements. Teammates Edgar and Boya have also been disqualified for the same offence. 

Zak O'Sullivan and Franco Colapinto
Zak O’Sullivan and Franco Colapinto. Image Credit: Getty Images / FIA F3

F3 Sprint Race winner France Colapinto has been disqualified following a post-race control. According to the FIA, the problem rose due to the alterations made to the keel: ‘The Stewards examined the keel removed from Car 10 following parc ferme technical checks and compared it to the equivalent approved spare part. […]

The Technical Delegate explained the difference observed between Car 10’s keel and the approved keel manufactured in accordance with the approved drawing and spare parts catalogue number F31903A001, specifically that the outer edges of the keel had been modified/repaired and in so doing, widened and cut.

The team representative agreed that the geometry of the keel removed from Car 10 did not conform with the geometry of the authorised part. He could not explain how the difference arose. He indicated that the keel originally supplied had been repaired by the team but suggested that the repairs had not altered the geometry of the keel supplied by the manufacturer. ‘

After proper assessment, all others MP Motorsport cars have also been found in breach of the regulations and have been disqualified. It remains to be seen how the problem will be solved for the Feature Race.

On the other side, while Zak O’Sullivan inherits the victory of the F3 Sprint Race, the final classification is as follows:

  1. Zak O’Sullivan
  2. Sebastian Montoya
  3. Paul Aron
  4. Gabriele Mini
  5. Dino Beganovic
  6. Gabriel Bortoleto
  7. Leonardo Fornaroli
  8. Gregoire Saucy
  9. Christian Mansell
  10. Kaylen Frederick
  11. Nikola Tsolov
  12. Taylor Barnard
  13. Josep Maria Marti
  14. Rafael Villagomez
  15. Nikita Bedrin
  16. Sophia Floersch
  17. Luke Browning
  18. Roberto Faria
  19. Hugh Barter
  20. Oliver Gray
  21. Caio Collet
  22. Hunter Yeany
  23. Plotr Wisnicki
  24. Alejandro Garcia DNF
  25. Tommy Smith DNF
  26. Ido Cohen DNF
  27. Oliver Goethe DNF
  28. Franco Colapinto DSQ
  29. Mari Boya DSQ
  30. Jonny Edgar DSQ

Headline Image: FIA F3 on Twitter

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