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BREAKING NEWS: Extensive new tyre rules for F1 partly due to Hamilton complaints

The new rule bans tactics used by Red Bull in Monaco

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F1 teams will be subject to new tests relating to tyre pressure and temperatures following the two failures during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The new rule also warns teams against using a tactic Hamilton complained Red Bull tried at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The news of the new ruling comes after Pirelli revealed that neither Verstappen nor Stroll’s failures were a result of any defect in the tyres.

Pirelli, F1 official tyre supplier, did however confirm that they would set out an updated technical directive with regards to how teams treat their tyres.

Violation of any of the new rules (the exact details of which remain unclear) will lead to the team being reported to the stewards.

Pirelli accepts it is not possible to accurately monitor tyre pressures during the race, and will therefore rely on the teams to remain within the limits of the rules. It is the breaking of these limits that will lead to being reported to the stewards.

The directive is thought to be brought into force to ensure no teams are using underinflated tyres with the hopes of gaining an advantage. It was this issue that Hamilton felt Red Bull were pushing their luck on.

“If you look at the last race, for example, we were supposed to all keep our blankets on in qualifying,” he said. “Red Bull were allowed to take theirs off. And no one else is allowed to.”

Red Bull of course denies these accusations and says they adhered to the rules at all times.

Pirelli are to combine these new methods with tyre checks in the garage, to ensure no team is breaking the rules. Both temperature checks (via an infra-red gun) and pressure checks (via a gauge).

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Pirelli issue statement amidst Baku tyre controversy

Image: Mark Sutton/Motorsport images

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