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Drugovich in Zandvoort
ZANDVOORT, NETHERLANDS - SEPTEMBER 04: Felipe Drugovich of Brazil and MP Motorsport (11) leads Jack Doohan of Australia and Virtuosi Racing (3) as he locks a wheel under braking during the Round 12:Zandvoort Feature race of the Formula 2 Championship at Circuit Zandvoort on September 04, 2022 in Zandvoort, Netherlands. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Breaking: F1 Academy announce the teams for their new all-women category

The teams competing in the new women's only driver's championship have been revealed

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The five teams participating in the new F1 academy, the new all-female series, have just been announced.

Bruno Michel is the general Manager of F1 Academy. The five teams announced for F1 academy have come from Formula 2 teams.
Bruno Michel is the new General Manager for the F1 Academy. He was the CEO of Formula 2 so has links to all the teams participating in F1 Academy. Image Credit: Formula 2.

When W Series collapsed midway through their 2022 season, many fans were upset as they knew this would be another obstacle for women who want to reach the pinnacle of motorsport- F1.  In response, Formula 1 created ‘F1 Academy’.

F1 Academy is set to start in the new year with seven different race weekends and 21 races in total. The grid will consist of 15 drivers coming from five teams that will field three drivers each.

Those teams have just been announced.

The Teams
  • ART
  • Carlin
  • MP Motorsport
  • PREMA Racing
  • Campos Racing

As reported by Formula 1, these five teams all have impressive backgrounds in motorsport. The teams already take part in Formula 2 and Formula 3. Not only have they participated in the sports but they have thrived.

ART fielded the driver who won the Formula 3 driver’s championship whilst PREMA took the constructors. In F2, MP won both championships, snatching the driver’s one with ease. Carlin has had impressive graduates move into Formula 1 such as Lando Norris and more recently, Logan Sergeant.

The academy is intended to bridge the gap between karting and single-seater racing in international series such as Formula 3. The fact that the teams participating in F1 Academy are tied to other feeder series means that young women can’t start building early relationships with the teams who can hopefully support them through the ranks.

Not only will F1 Academy be good for relationships and future career paths but it will also allow young women to develop their skills. Additionally,  F1 Academy has announced they will hold 15 days of testing. Again, this will really allow the drivers to get to grips with a completely new car after graduating from karting.

F1 Academy and the future

F1 Academy is designed to provide a route into the ultra-competitive single-seater world, however, many are concerned with the series’ longevity after W Series couldn’t even finish their season. Bruno Michel, General Manager of the new category has assured everyone that the first ‘cycle’ of the series will be three years.

Michel has also stated that he ‘fully trusts’ that it will give young drivers “the keys to grow technically”. The intention of  [F1 Academy] is to “help them [the drivers] with the physical and mental preparations for the journey ahead”.

Similarly, Stefano Domenicali has echoed this sentiment. He believes that F1 Academy should provide a “fantastic opportunity to the young and talented women to begin their journey into competitive motorsport”.

Feature Image Credit: Clive Mason/Getty Images

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