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Audi in Formula 1

BREAKING: Audi confirmed to enter Formula 1

The rumours have all been confirmed

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Audi have confirmed today the rumours of them joining Formula 1 from 2026. 

Audi Presser
Press conference ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix to confirm Audi’s entry. (Photo credit: Luke Smith on Twitter @LukeSmithF1)

Speculation around Audi and Porsche entering Formula 1 has grown as this season has gone on. There were talks of the Volkswagen Group joining the championship; Porsche is set to have a partnership with Red Bull but nothing has been announced yet.

However, for Audi confirmation is here. This entry into Formula 1 will signify the increase in popularity for the sport, which has boomed since events in recent years. With announcements being rumoured, the Volkswagen manufacturers were reportedly waiting for the new engine plans to be confirmed for 2026.

These were announced last week with the aim of going fully sustainable with a fuel that could even work on road cars. With the regulations being approved by the World Motorsport Council, it was a matter of time before announcements were made.

As Audi joins Formula 1, it will be Adam Baker leading the power unit project. The site for power unit development will be in Neuburg. However, the base for the chassis will be in Hinwil – Sauber’s existing site. Previously there have been links between Audi and McLaren, and also with Andretti. However, nothing has come of them as agreements were not made.

Since then, Audi are linked with Sauber, Alfa Romeo’s sister team. No confirmation of this partnership was announced today – just Audi’s entry into the sport – however, it will be announced by the end of 2022. It is believed that this Audi-Sauber partnership will involve the former taking over 75 percent.

Stefano Domenicali’s and Audi’s comments

The CEO of Formula 1 has spoken about Audi’s entry. He said:

“I am delighted to welcome Audi to Formula 1, an iconic automotive brand, pioneer and technological innovator.”

Domenicali continued saying that “this is a major moment” for Formula 1. Audi’s entry marks the beginning of the Volkswagen group into the sport. It highlights the “huge strength [Formula 1 has] as a global platform that continues to grow.”

The CEO of F1 continued saying that “it is also a big recognition that our move to sustainable fuelled hybrid engines in 2026 is a future solution for the automotive sector.”

Concluding, Domenicali said: “We are all looking forward to seeing the Audi logo on the grid and will be hearing further details from them on their plans in due course.”

Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, also spoke about the entry into F1. He said that “motorsport is an integral part of Audi’s DNA.”

He continued saying, “the combination of high performance and competition is always a driver of innovation and technology transfer in our industry.” Formula 1 has both of these as well as a “global stage” for the brand.

Audi have released images of an F1 concept car on Twitter incorporating the red and black livery.

As Audi have now announced their entry into Formula 1, it is surely only a matter of time before Porsche announces theirs. It was supposedly reported to come out at Red Bull’s home race in Austria, but news never broke. But with today’s confirmation, Porsche’s announcement could be very soon.

Headline Feature Image: Twitter @AudiSport

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