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F1 Academy to be supported by all F1 teams in 2024

BREAKING: All F1 teams to run drivers and liveries in F1 Academy in 2024

Marta García is currently leading the 2023 F1 Academy championship with 190 points with two rounds remaining

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The 2024 F1 Academy season will see 10 drivers nominated by F1 teams, with 10 cars sporting F1 liveries

F1 Academy Managing Director Susie Wolff
F1 Academy Managing Director Susie Wolff. (Image Credit: @Susie_Wolff on Twitter)

F1 Academy has announced that from the 2024 season, all 10 Formula One teams will nominate a driver each. Each driver will then race using that specific team’s famous livery. Next year the series will also join other junior categories as support races at select Formula One weekends. F1 are yet to announce which race weekends will feature the all-female series. However, all races will be broadcast live next season for the first time, as only highlights are shown this year.

The F1 Academy grid is currently made up of five teams, ART Grand Prix, Campos Racing, MP Motorsport, PREMA Racing and Rodin Carlin. Each team runs three cars, with the grid currently made up of 15 drivers. The series travels all over the world, with seven rounds making up the 2023 calendar. Also, compared to other junior categories, the all-female grid race on three occasions at each venue. Two rounds remain this season, with the series left to travel to France and the United States.

Following the announcement F1 Academy’s Managing Director Susie Wolff spoke out on the ground-breaking achievement. Wolff said:

“First and foremost, I want to thank the Formula 0ne teams for their support and vision as we embark on this journey together. This landmark moment not only demonstrates the depth of support for F1 Academy from across the F1 community but will inspire a whole generation of young girls to realise the opportunities both on and off track in motorsport.”

She continued, “As we join the F1 calendar for next year and host F1 Academy Discover Your Drive events in the lead up to our races, I am confident that we will have a positive impact across our sport in the long term.”

Stefano Domenicali on the news

Wolff isn’t the only notable F1 leader to speak out on the announcement. Formula One’s President and CEO Stefano Domenicali has also revealed his thoughts on the news. The F1 boss said:

“We created F1 Academy to bring about real and lasting change to ensure young female talent have the right system in place to follow and achieve their dreams. Today is a very important moment as it shows the impact the project is having and the support it is receiving from across the F1 community.”

He continued, “Susie, the teams, and everyone involved are working tirelessly to ensure we go from strength to strength and continue to deliver on the important objective we have set out together. In 2024 the F1 Academy will join our race calendar, raising the awareness and profile of the series globally and to have the F1 liveries on the grid will be something very special.”

F1 Academy will make further announcements regarding the identity of the nominated drivers in due course.

Feature Image Credit: @f1academy on Twitter

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