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Brazil GP to leave Interlagos for Rio

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F1 has agreed a deal to move the Brazilian Grand Prix from Interlagos to Rio even though construction of the new site has sparked anger and protests at a plan to chop down thousands of trees at the proposed venue in the Camboata Forest. This plan has the backing of Brazil’s president Jair Bolsanaro with Interlagos’ current contract ending this year.

Carey wrote in a letter to the acting governor of Rio. “We have now finalised race agreements with Rio Motorsports LLC to host, stage and promote Formula One events in Rio de Janeiro,”.

Construction of the site is awaiting approval pending the completion of an independent review of its suitability and will need approval by the State Environmental Control Commission.

Interlagos held the first Brazilian GP in 1972 and has provided endless entertainment and unforgettable races in the last 52 years, many F1 fans will be very unhappy to see these plans go ahead.


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