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Brad Pitt to drive on track at the British Grand Prix

Brad Pitt will be driving on track at the British grand Prix in between sessions

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It has been announced that the on-track filming for the new F1 movie will begin with Brad Pitt at the British Grand Prix.

The new untitled F1 movie, being produced with the help of Lewis Hamilton and starring Brad Pitt, has announced it will begin on-track filming at Silverstone. Image Credit: MARIO RENZI – FORMULA 1/GETTY IMAGES

Ahead of the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster about Formula 1, the director Joseph Kosinski has now announced that they will begin filming at F1 events soon. They will begin their filming this summer on track at Silverstone at the British Grand Prix.

It has also been reported that Brad Pitt will drive on-track during the British Grand Prix weekend. As soon as this was announced, Formula 1 Twitter went into meltdown with memes and questions.

There were many queries on the topic of how Brad Pitt would be allowed to participate in a session. It was asked how Pitt would be allowed to ‘compete’ when there are already 20 cars and no space for him. More importantly, people wanted to know how Pitt would be allowed to drive an F1 car without a super licence. Colton Herta also joined in. He joked that it was “tough” Pitt got a super licence before him.

These questions were all cleared up and this is now what we know so far.

The details so far

The first thing, that answers most people’s questions, is that Brad Pitt will be driving when there are no other cars on the track. It was originally reported that he may be part of an “11th team”. It has now been clarified that he will drive in between sessions. The movie wants to get shots of a real Grand Prix so will use the event but not participate in the race.

Secondly, it has now been confirmed that Pitt will be driving a modified version of an F2/F3 style car. The Hollywood actor will not be driving an actual F1 car, despite many rumours. The car that will take to the track is being developed by Mercedes. Also, Tom Cruise has stated that he’s happy to help with the driving of the car.

The team behind the movie want to make this film incredibly accurate. That’s why they’ve been in contact with Lewis Hamilton nearly every day. They want to get it right.

The filming is set to be state of the art as the director, who created Top Gun: Maverick has been adamant that the car will have a 6K camera inside. This is intended to bring the viewers “into the cockpit” and let them experience an F1 car.

Feature Image Credit: Dan Istitene/Getty Images

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