Image Credit: Formula 1.

Bottas Is Rumoured To Join A New Team In 2022

Teams are starting to decide their drivers for next year.

Valtteri Bottas is the leading candidate to join Alfa Romeo next year.

If Mercedes doesn’t keep Valtteri as a main driver, he may have another choice for a team.

It appears that Mercedes intends to decide during the summer break between Bottas and Russell since no announcements were made at the British Grand Prix.

Nothing is for sure as yet regarding a new contract or no contract.

There’s been speculation over George Russell and where he might end up over the past few weeks. Whether Williams will retain or replace him is being discussed. There was even talk about a Red Bull move.

Bottas is favoured though as he could increase the Alfa Romeo profile with his experience and expertise.

Frédéric Vasseur, Alfa Romeo team principal pointed out, “We will see how the market is evolving. I think that, as usual, the system will fulfill the places at the top. It means that Mercedes has to take a decision and then Red Bull has to take a decision. Then, like a domino, at one stage, we will have some opportunities on the table and we’ll take a decision at this stage.

There’s no rush at the present time. Clearly, calls have to be set up, top teams will decide and terms will be reviewed before anything is signed.

Recently, Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal praised Bottas highlighting his great character and ability to be a team player.

Alfa Romeo will continue with their passion for driving and technology as they determine next year’s team.

At present, Alfa Romeo is 8th with two points in the constructor standings. Let’s see what happens at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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