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Belgian Grand Prix to stay on Formula 1 calendar for 2023

After months of worrying, Spa Francorchamps will host a Formula 1 race next year

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Formula 1 will race next year at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps circuit as we will see another year of the Belgian Grand Prix. A one-year extension has been agreed.

Max Verstappen Eau Rouge, 2022 Belgian Grand Prix 2023, Spa
Max Verstappen, Red Bull RB18 going up Eau Rouge at the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix (Image Credit: ANP via Getty Images)

Many drivers were concerned about the possibility of losing the Belgian Grand Prix for 2023. However, after months of speculation, an announcement has been made, confirming Belgium to be part of the 2023 calendar.

Uncertainty of China and South Africa helped Belgium

South Africa was a threat to Belgium. Formula 1 are still pushing to have a race in Africa. However, the Kyalami Circuit was not ready to host a Formula 1 race as it would have to spend $15m on repairs to satisfy the Grade One requirements.

China is another circuit wanting to return to the Formula 1 calendar next year. However, there are still concerns around the pandemic, stopping the progress of a return.

The uncertainty of these circuits, has helped Belgium maintain its place on the calendar for next year.

No date announced yet

Despite the announcement, there has been no official date confirmed for when the race will take place next year for the Belgian Grand Prix.

The most likely scenario is it to keep its place at the end of the summer as it always has done recently.

Formula 1 confirmed the one-year agreement with Spa, saying:

“Formula 1 can confirm that the Belgian Grand Prix will be on the 2023 calendar following an agreement to extend our partnership together. Further details on the 2023 calendar will be announced in due course.”

Huge efforts to improve the facilities

A major factor in the extension for the Belgian Grand Prix was the huge effort in improving the facilities. The organisers are improving the ageing facilities and are improving their history of poor traffic management.

The organisers have also made changes to the circuit, especially the Eau Rouge/Raidillon climb. They have made the sequence safer by giving more space and extending the barriers, making the Belgian Grand Prix safer for drivers.

Feature Image Credit: ANP via Getty Images

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