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Aston Martin To Build New F1 Factory

The facility is set to cost a hefty amount.

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Aston Martin will start building a new Formula 1 factory.

The 400,000 square foot facility is set to cost $267m and be completed over the next two years.

Billionaire team owner, Lawrence Stroll said, “It is inspiring to look at where we are now in the context of the architectural and organisational challenges and ambitions that lie ahead. Our new buildings reflect not only the scope of our determination to become a world championship-winning force, but also the scale of our growth and development as an organisation.

Image Credit: Formula 1.

Aston Martin’s facility will be the first Formula 1 dedicated factory in the United Kingdom for 17 years. The facility will be located opposite the Silverstone Circuit. It will house the design, manufacturing, and marketing team. It’s being categorised as the first-ever smart factory featuring wind tunnels and state-of-the-art simulators specific to Aston Martin.

Stroll added, “I feel strongly that any building is a powerful representation of the people who work within it, and I am thrilled that we are creating a new home in which people can work, collaborate, create and win together. It is exciting to think that the entire team will be in its new home by the end of 2022 or the start of 2023, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners who are working on the project, especially JCB and Cognizant.

Aston Martin will collaborate with Cognizant, NetApp, and SentinelOne to establish a central cloud network with intelligence systems. The technology will be wireless along with data monitoring and information processes. Cognizant is an information technology consulting company. NetApp operates as a hybrid cloud data services and data management company. Sentinel One is a startup cybersecurity company. Aston Martin has an ambitious and transformational future ahead.

Headline Image Credit: Formula 1.

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