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Aston Martin: “There is almost no externally visible part of our car that has not been improved”

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Aston Martin’s start of the season wasn’t exactly ideal but the team was able to bounce back and even conquer a podium in Baku and in Hungary (before the disqualification due to technicalities). The team’s hiring of Sebastian Vettel already proved last year Aston Martin’s serious intentions in F1 and the work of development in 2021 only confirmed it.

Aston Martin’s performance director Tom McCullough discussed the team’s hard work and how the car evolved during the season: “It was and is a more or less never-ending process of iterative development, and, as a result, there is almost no externally visible part of our car that has not been improved in some way between Bahrain and Silverstone. Or, to put it another way, if a part of our car is licked by the wind, we have probably updated it at some point over the past four months. It is working.”

The performance director explained how Aston Martin was penalized by the regulatory changes for 2021: “It is a well-known fact that we started the season on the back foot, as a result of regulatory changes that had affected the aero performance of low-rake cars more adversely than high-rake cars. Our car is a low-rake car…At the beginning of this year we, therefore, slipped towards the back of that very competitive midfield, but, as I say, that was the result of the regulatory changes.

McCullough then admitted that the AMR21 is obviously not the best car on the grid but the upgrades gave the hoped results: “We know that our car is still not the fastest, but it is now closer in performance to the cars of our principal rivals than it was at the beginning of the season, and that is the result of a carefully managed programme of aero improvement that has necessarily involved trial and error but has also delivered real results.”

Moreover, the team strongly believes in the opportunity given by the new 2022 regulations and has since decided to switch its resources to the future after the summer break: “It has been a very impressive body of work, and I salute my colleagues for it. However, like almost all the teams, after the summer shutdown we will transfer that effort and resource to the task of making our 2022 car as competitive as possible.”

McCullough went on to discuss the importance of both Vettel and Stroll, who are confirmed for 2022, inside the team: “We have been impressed by both Lance and Sebastian so far this year. Lance is a very hard worker. He has done a large number of sessions in our simulator, and his contribution has been very significant. Our ‘new boy’, Sebastian, was at first disadvantaged by his initial unfamiliarity with the way our car operates and feels, then by the unreliability that he suffered in the pre-season test in Bahrain. But he has worked very diligently since then, in our simulator at the factory and at the circuits, to help us analyse our previous races with a view to preparing for our upcoming races in the best way possible.”

Headline Image: Aston Martin Cognizant Formula 1 Team

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