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Aston Martin Formula 1 technical director Dan Fallows
Aston Martin Formula 1 technical director Dan Fallows

Aston Martin adopting an “aggressive development strategy” in 2023

The new car is set to have "significant differences"

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Aston Martin is ready to use an “aggressive development strategy” in 2023. The British team finished 2022 seventh in the Constructors’ Standing but it will start the new season with a new driver and more opportunities to be taken. 

F1, GP, BrazilSebastian Vettel, Aston Martin AMR22
Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin AMR22. Image Credit: Aston Martin Racing

Aston Martin’s return to Formula 1 hasn’t been ideal. While the team conquered good points and a podium, the performance was still far from the standards set during the 2020 season by Racing Point. 2023, however, comes with a wind of change, starting from the arrival of 2-times World Champion Fernando Alonso to replace 4-times World Champion Sebastian Vettel after his retirement.

In this sense, Alonso’s signing is a crucial indicator of the team’s intention to improve in the next seasons. Likewise, Aston Martin is also building a new F1 factory in Silverstone to bring the brand to a new successful era at the pinnacle of motorsport. While the factory is set to be running in 2023, it is, however, unlikely it will affect the next car.

Regardless, Aston Martin Formula 1 technical director Dan Fallows admitted to Autosport:

“I mean there is a limit to what we can do with the current rules. […]But within the envelope of the rules that we have, then yes, there are significant differences on the AMR23.”

Fallows: “We have shown development”

Fallows then went on to add: “The new floor regulations are not an enormous change in reality. But they have had a reasonable dent in terms of the downforce the cars are able to produce. So we’ve had to try and overcome that deficit as well as everyone else will do.

“I think it’s difficult to say whether some teams will be more affected than others, but certainly for us it was a reasonably significant downforce hit. But we’re obviously hoping for what the FIA is hoping for as well, it will help with everybody’s aerodynamic oscillations which we’re obviously very keen to get rid of.”

While 2022 was not up to level, according to the technical director the team proved its worth with its work: “It’s been a big factor in building the confidence for next year. We’ve clearly started the year with a car that wasn’t where we wanted it to be, and we have shown that development, I think particularly in the second half of the season, we’ve really demonstrated that these kinds of design principles that we put in place and the philosophies we’re adopting are paying off, and they’re going to pay dividends.

“So what we’re trying to do for next year is take a very aggressive development strategy, but build on the lessons from this year.”

Headline Image: Aston Martin Racing

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