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Andretti Cadillac F1

Andretti responds: “strongly disagree” with claims made by F1

Hours after their bid to join Formula 1 was denied, Andretti Cadillac issued their own statement

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Andretti has released a response statement to the recent rejection of their Formula 1 bid.

Andretti Cadillac F1
Andretti and Cadillac teamed up to try to join Formula 1 (Image Credit: Andretti Autosport)

After several years of preparation and initial approval by the FIA, Andretti Cadillac’s potential entry as an 11th team for 2025 or 2026 was rejected by F1 and FOM.

A major part of F1’s rejection statement involved their belief that the team would not be competitive. “Our assessment process has established that the presence of an 11th team would not, on its own, provide value to the championship,” it said.

“The most significant way a new entrant would bring value is by being competitive. We do not believe that the applicant would be a competitive participant.”

Other arguments made by F1 included the potential strain an 11th team would put on race promoters, and the fact that the Andretti name would not bring as much value to Formula 1 as Formula 1 would bring to the American racing driver’s name.

Andretti’s response

Several hours after this statement was released, the team released their response.

“Andretti Cadillac has reviewed the information Formula One Management Limited has shared and strongly disagree with its contents,” the statement read.

“Andretti and Cadillac are two successful global motorsports organizations committed to placing a genuine American works team in F1, competing alongside the world’s best.

“We are proud of the significant progress we have already made on developing a highly competitive car and power unit with an experienced team behind it, and our work continues at pace.

“Andretti Cadillac would also like to acknowledge and thank the fans who have expressed their support.”

This statement was preceded by a post on X by Mario Andretti that simply read: “I’m devastated. I won’t say anything else because I can’t find any other words besides devastated.”

F1’s initial statement noted that they would open to re-evaluating their decision in 2028, when the team had announced that they would be using a General Motors power unit. So it’s looking like we won’t see the Andretti name in Formula 1 for at least four more seasons.

Feature Image Credit: John Lamparski – Getty Images

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