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Andretti F1 Team ‘already building’ for 2025 entry

The deadline for submitting formal applications is on May 15th

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Former Formula 1 driver Michael Andretti has been gearing up for an entry into the sport with his own team for quite a while now. He has revealed that preparations are already well underway for a 2025 F1 grid slot.

Andretti have partnered with General Motors brand Cadillac for their F1 entry
Andretti Autosport have partnered with Cadillac in their bid for an entry into F1 (Image Credit: Sky Sports)

There has been a fair amount of both fanfare and opposition surrounding Andretti’s F1 bid ever since the team submitted a request with the FIA to enter the open-wheel motorsport category back in February of last year.

While it’s still unclear as to whether or not the team’s application will be successful, we now know that the American outfit are ready to submit their request in time for the May 15th deadline.

Michael was present on the starting grid at the recent Miami Grand Prix and was speaking to Sky Sports F1. He said: “We’re working on it. We have that process that we’re in the middle of with the FIA.”

“Submitting our paperwork this week and hopefully get an answer middle of July, so we’re making good progress.”

The former F1 driver, who drove a McLaren for the 1993 season, also revealed that the team is growing and developing its technology and personnel in preparation for their F1 entry. He added: “We’re already doing it. It’s already happening, we’re building a team as we speak.”

In fact, it was announced in March 2023 that Andretti had signed ex-Renault Technical Chief Nick Chester, perhaps an indication that car development is already well underway.

Why the opposition to an 11th team?

The FIA will have to announce their verdict on Andretti’s F1 bid by June 30th. However, it is unlikely to be a straightforward decision.

CEO of Formula One Group, Stefano Domenicali, believes that Andretti have not approached their bid into the sport in the best way. He eluded to the fact that the American team have been very vocal about their desire to enter F1. He stated: “First of all, we are very welcoming of everyone that is bringing value to the racing. I think we need to respect everyone.”

“There are others that are much less vocal that would like to come into Formula 1, so there is a process to respect and we will make sure together with the FIA that the process will be respected.”

Michael himself hit back at opposition to his team’s F1 entry. He said in an interview with Forbes: “It’s all about greed and looking at themselves and not looking at what is best for the overall growth of the series.”

The FIA’s view on the matter is that any team that is attempting to join the F1 grid must “bring value” to the sport as a whole. Domenicali spoke back in April regarding this: “The fact that F1 is attracting new potential teams and investors shows the status of F1 today.”

“It’s not a problem, it’s great stuff if it is bringing value to the championship in the medium to long term. That is the point that is always raised when we talk about this subject.”

Feature Image Credit: @Reuters on Twitter

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