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Alpine A524, Bruno Famin, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon

Alpine: Crash test failures proof of team’s relentless ambitions

The Enstone team revaled a completely overhauled car as its 2024 challenger

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Alpine Formula 1 boss Bruno Famin believes that failed crash tests during winter showed the team’s ambitions for 2024.

Alpine A524, Bruno Famin, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon
Alpine hae gone aggressive, going for a completely new car conept (Image Credit: @formularacers_ on X)

The Enstone team introduced an all-new car for 2024 on Wednesday. Technical director Matt Harman revealing that the only similarity from last year was the steering wheel.

The French team had a lacklustre season in 2023. They finished sixth in the constructors’ championship, achieinvg only one podium through Esteban Ocon in Monaco. The Enstone-based outfit would find themselves in the midfield battle, struggling to make the next big step.

Th team hopes that fresh new ideas will be the key to make the next big step. The car design was only finished in the early hours before the launch, showing the amount of effort that has been put in.

Risks needed to be taken for next step

Alpine has found themselves within the midfield pack for many seasons, failing to take the next big step. Harman has admitted that the team is taking a lot of risks, suggesting that the team had gone too far with some designs.

With the crash tests failing, Famin confirmed that the team had to retake the tests. However, the Alpine boss welcomed that rather than being bitter about it, believing it shows the ambition:

“We had to redo some tests, some homologations tests,” he said. “But I think it’s just the normal process.

“If you pass all the tests the first time, it means that you have not been ambitious enough. So, let’s see what will be the final result, but the fact of having to redo some tests is not at all a criticism.”

Alpine A524, Bruno Famin
Alpine will run the blue livery after the first eight races of the season (Image Credit: @NotFifthGear on X)
No gamble despite new car concept

Red Bull were the dominant force in 2023. The RB19’s design was copied by rival teams to try and gain performance. However, attempts by other teams did not work, such as Mercedes trying.

The Milton Keynes-based team has decided to stick with its concept, only evolutionising it. On the flip side, Alpine’s decision to completely change its concept may pressure them into finding pace quickly before its too late.

Furthermore, with the new 2026 regulations approaching, there is no time to rethink of another design if 2024 doesn’t work. While it seems that Alpine are taking a huge risk, Famin deson’t believe that is the case.

“No gamble,” he said. “We worked hard to develop a quite totally new car. Everything that was possible to change as per the regulation, we changed it.

“This is due to two reasons: the first one is because we learned from the past, of course, we learned about aero, we learned about tyres, we learned about tyre performance and tyre degradation, of course.

“And the second reason is that I think, we are not the only ones, but we have the totally new 2026 regulations coming by the middle of 2024.

“I think we will need a lot of resources to start working on the ’26 project quite early in the season, and the 2025 car might be only a mild evolution of the ’24 one.

“It was important to make a big step into 2024. We will see how fast is that.

“There are a lot of new things, and we don’t know absolutely where we are going to be on the grid. What will be important is our ability to develop the car during the season.”

Feature Image Credit: @Alex_Gillon on X

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