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Fernando Alonso celebrates achieving second place on his debut with Aston Martin

Alonso: Joining Aston Martin was the ‘best’ decision ‘of my career’

Fernando Alonso has often received flack for decisions he has made throughout his F1 career

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Alonso has raced for many teams throughout his extensive career but believes joining Aston Martin was one of the ‘best’ decisions he has made.

Alonso climbs out of his McLaren
Alonso suffered a difficult second spell with McLaren. (Image credit: The Race)

Alonso, who is 42 years of age and has been a stalwart presence in Formula 1 for over two decades, has raced for five different teams throughout his career. 

Some career moves made by the Spaniard have been questioned by both fans and critics. One notable decision was to re-join McLaren in 2015, where he raced alongside 2009 World Champion Jenson Button. The poor results of the McLaren-Honda era led to a two-year hiatus for Alonso, as he briefly stepped away from the sport in 2019. 

Reflecting on the decisions he’s made throughout his career, Alonso doesn’t seem to harbour any sense of regret. Speaking to Sky Sports F1, the two-time World Champion said, “I would not change anything.” He added:

“I don’t regret anything. No one has a crystal ball to know what is the performance of the teams [will be] in the following year.”

A stand-out decision for the Spaniard was the move to Aston Martin, which was announced during the summer break last year. The announcement came as a shock. News of the move set off the ensuing chain of events that followed regarding Oscar Piastri’s contract with McLaren. 

A bit of a gamble

Discussing the move to Aston Martin, Alonso said that in “everyone’s opinion” the decision “was the worst one”. Certainly, it was a move met by confusion from onlookers. 2022 was a difficult year for Aston Martin. The team finished seventh in the Constructors’ Championship, on level points with Alfa Romeo.

It seemed that one of the greatest factors behind Alonso’s move was Aston Martin’s willingness to offer a contract that spanned beyond a single year. Alpine hadn’t been so willing. The French team seemingly intended to sign Alonso for 2023 only, before offering his seat to Piastri the year after. 

Reflecting on the decision to move to Aston Martin, Alonso said: “It was the best one, arguably of my career.”

He added, “So that just shows the difficulty of choosing teams, and lack of knowledge that everyone has at home.” 

Envisioning a future with Aston Martin

It was a gamble that has undoubtedly paid off. In just the first half of the season, the Spaniard has already achieved six podiums with the team. Conversely, Alonso’s ex-team Alpine has taken just one podium finish and is now in the midst of a leadership crisis. 

Alonso sees his involvement with the Silverstone-based team going beyond his time as an F1 driver. The Race reported that the 42-year-old envisions himself in some sort of advisory role once he has retired. 

“At the moment I don’t have anything clear in my head [as to when he will retire], but I know that I will eventually stop driving one day, and I will have had that time maybe 25 years’ experience or something,” said Alonso.

“So, I can be obviously very useful for any team,” he added. “And that team I hope is Aston Martin, just to continue whatever we do in the next few years.”

Featured Image Credit: F1 Chronicle

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