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Alonso eyes Mercedes seat for 2025 as Wolff confirms he wouldn’t rule anything out

Fernando Alonso is deemed highly probable for Toto Wolff's shortlist to succeed Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, according to reports

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Fernando Alonso could be a potential option for Mercedes after reports say he’s shown “great interest” whilst Toto Wolff confirms he wouldn’t rule anything out. 

Alonso on Mercedes and Wolff
Fernando Alonso, Adrian Newey, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton after the Canadian Grand Prix 2023. (Photo by Michael Potts/BSR Agency/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes at the end of the 2024 season. The seven-time world champion is heading to Ferrari, leaving an open seat at the Brackley-based outfit.

Since the announcement, numerous names have circulated within the paddock. However, recent reports suggest that Fernando Alonso could be in contention to replace his former teammate.

Alonso’s interest in Mercedes

According to F1-Insider, Alonso, who currently races for Aston Martin, has shown an interest in the movements of fellow drivers. The Spaniard has closely observed with “great interest” and is “already trying to position himself” for the 2025 seat now available at Mercedes.

The Spaniard’s manager, Flavio Briatore, played a crucial role in securing his seat at Aston Martin at the end of the 2022 season. With strong connections within the paddock, brokering the move to Mercedes would be an effortless task for Briatore. Alonso’s contract with Aston Martin is scheduled to expire at the end of this year, so the stage is further set for the move. But Aston Martin are keen to keep Alonso with them.

Following the move from Alpine, a highly consistent performance was displayed by Alonso throughout the 2023 season, concluding the season with 206 points. This put him 28 points behind Hamilton and 31 points ahead of George Russell, thereby adding further merit to the potential move.

Despite all indications suggesting that Alonso’s future could be with the Brackley-based outfit, it is suggested in the same report that Alonso “may not be on Toto Wolff’s list yet, but is likely to be very soon.”

Toto Wolff’s comments

Following the recent developments, Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff, was questioned by the German publication Motorsport-Magazin about who would be tasked with filling the void.

Wolff expressed his surprise at Hamilton’s unexpected decision. He said: “I wouldn’t have thought that Lewis would tell me that he was going to drive for Ferrari next year.”

This revelation has seemingly led to Wolff adopting a pragmatic perspective on the unpredictability of the sport as he continued:

“That’s why I wouldn’t rule anything out in Formula 1.”

Wolff acknowledged that drivers, including Hamilton, make decisions based on various circumstances when choosing teams. He emphasised the fluid nature of such choices, noting:

“And if at some point a driver says he doesn’t want to drive anymore, there is little remedy for it. That’s why I wouldn’t rule anything out, no one at any time.

“We will always strive to have the best possible driver combination in our car and look for each and every one of these conversations.”

Wolff emphasized the team’s commitment to securing the optimal driver combination, highlighting ongoing conversations and the potential for rapid situational changes.

Respecting existing contracts, Wolff concluded by saying:

“You can see how quickly a situation can change. At the same time, of course, we respect contracts that exist.

“Drivers will always want to sit in the fastest car.”

No announcement on the future of the Mercedes seat, or Carlos Sainz, has been made as of yet.

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