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Hamilton and Alonso

Alonso admits Hamilton’s move to Ferrari was ‘a surprise’

Alonso dismisses interest in Hamilton's Ferrari move despite being linked to the 2025 Mercedes seat

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Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso was surprised by Lewis Hamilton’s move from Mercedes to Ferrari, admitting he hadn’t anticipated such a change.

Alonso and Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso as teammates at McLaren in 2007. (Photo by Simon Bruty/Anychance/Getty Images)

Fernando Alonso raced for Scuderia Ferrari from 2010 to 2014. However, in 2014, Alonso departed the team and joined McLaren for 2015 to 2017 without opt-out clauses.

Since Lewis Hamilton’s announcement that he will join Ferrari in 2025, Alonso has been linked with a possible move to Mercedes to fill the vacant seat,  although that is yet to be confirmed.

But now, following Hamilton’s announcement, Alonso has admitted that the seven-time world champion’s move has com as a surprise.

Alonso’s thoughts on Hamilton’s move

As reported by Racer, Alonso has openly discussed the impending move of Hamilton to the Maranello-based team. The Spaniard said:

“It was not his childhood dream 12 months ago or two months ago, I guess, because it was a different dream. Nothing really to comment.

“I hope he enjoys the experience. I think it’s a very special team, but it is more special when you win.

“That’s the thing – you need to win, and it’s a few years already that they have a very fast car and they were fighting for big things, and maybe Lewis can bring that extra to fight for the championship.”

Continuing his analysis, Alonso added: “As I said, the car is there. At the end of last year, even with a very dominant Red Bull car, Ferrari was still able to match the lap time and be faster than them in most of the races. I think the car should be fast enough.”

Alonso’s insights highlight the significance of winning and the potential impact Hamilton could have on Ferrari’s pursuit of his eighth title.

It was ‘unexpected’ and a ‘surprise’

 The Spaniard also acknowledged his surprise at Hamilton’s transition, considering the deep integration the seven-time world champion has had at Mercedes. Whilst Alonso admitted the move caught him (and everyone) by surprise, the Spaniard expressed his lack of knowledge about Hamilton’s move. The Aston Martin driver stated:

“I was training actually that day, so I missed the stress from everybody and was one day late to the news.

“It probably was a surprise, I will not lie, not because of the change itself, it was just because from the outside it seemed like he was very linked with Mercedes and very loyal to them and it was a little bit unexpected.

“I don’t know the reasons behind [it]. I don’t know anything, the stories, so it’s more a question for him. But yeah, I didn’t pay too much attention, and probably next week it’s going to be more of a theme because, still, one year ahead, I didn’t spend much time thinking.”

However, Alonso was quick to acknowledge the unique position he could find himself in. Speaking to Formula 1, Alonso said:

“I’m aware of my situation right now, which is unique. There are only three world champions on the grid, and fast world champions – because maybe in the past they were not so committed to be fast – and yet I’m probably the only one available for ‘25, so I have a good position.”

Contemplating his future in racing, he emphasised:

“But at the same thing, when I make the decision of whether I want to keep racing or not in the future, first the only talk I will have in the beginning is with Aston Martin because that will be my only one priority.”

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