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Image Credit: W Series.

Alice Powell Takes The Win At Silverstone For W Series

What a historic home win today.

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Alice Powell finished first. Fabienne Wohlwend took second. Jamie Chadwick placed third.

This was the first time that the W Series raced at Silverstone. It was a superb race.

Image Credit: W Series.

Alice Powell dominated the fastest laps throughout the race. On the Racing X team, Alice took pole position at qualifying. It’s clear that she wanted to maintain that while wearing her new lid dedicated to the NHS workers for all they’ve done during the pandemic.

Alice Powell said, “It was amazing. I’ve attended so many British Grand Prix as a child. To experience it from this side, it’s amazing.”

For Bunker Racing, Fabienne was on her way to the win though from the start. It was smooth sailing for a while. Within the last five minutes, Wohlwend went wide after a braking mistake and Alice advanced to first to take the lead.

Fabienne expressed, “I had a mega start. Alice kept the pressure really high. The season isn’t over yet. My win will come.”

Jamie changed her driving style today. It wasn’t the expected performance for Veloce Racing. Still, the Brit beat others to get on podium.

Chadwick claimed, “It was a bit quieter for me today. I didn’t have the pace. It is what it is. It’s speechless for me seeing everyone here. Happy to be on the podium.”

Image Credit: W Series.

Emma Kimiläinen put in a good fight as well. Starting on the grid in fifth, Emma endured it all and rose to 4th. Right behind Emma, there was a constant battle for 6th place between Nerea Marti, Beitske Visser, and Sarah Moore. Sarah Moore kept her foot on the peddle going hard. It was fantastic racing. Side by side and many chances to overtake. Ultimate adrenaline rush.

Image Credit: W Series.

Racing rookie Abbi Pulling was strong on the track with proper pace. Abbie Eaton had a brilliant overtake on Belen Garcia.

There was a yellow flag in sector 1 after Miki Koyama racing for Siring Racing ran off the track close to Village Corner. An Aston Martin safety car was deployed. Koyama, unfortunately, encountered a technical issue. The safety marshals were quick to recover the car.

The race reset began with about eight minutes left to the race. As the green flag came, we could have seen a shake-up.

Starting in 18th on the grid, Sabré Cook made her way through the pack to finish 14th with impressive moves.

Belen Garcia and Jessica Hawkins made contact. The yellow flag appeared. Garcia wasn’t able to finish the race.

For the driver standings, Brits remain on top. Alice Powell has 54 points. Jamie Chadwick has 48 points. See below for the full race results.

Image Credit: W Series.

The next race will be in Budapest, Hungary during the weekend of 30-31 July. Can’t wait to see who may win next time.

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