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Alice Powell returns to W Series with new team Click2Drive Bristol Street Motors Racing

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The endless Championship battle that entertained W Series fans in 2021 will be back in 2022 as Alice Powell has just been announced as the first driver of Click2Drive Bristol Street Motors Racing, the latest team to join the all-female Championship.

W Series first introduced the concept of a teams’ structure using 2021 as a try-out year. Already in 2022 new teams are set to join the grid, Jenner Racing being the first one announced and Click2Drive Bristol Street Motors Racing now following.

2021 W Series runner-up Alice Powell has announced her return and will compete with the team that has been supporting her since the beginning of her career in the Ginetta Junior Championship back in 2008.

Powell, who arrived at the last racing weekend in 2021 tie on points with Chadwick, will aim at the title in 2022 and admits in the press release by W Series: “I’m delighted to be back and fully focused on W Series this year. I’m expecting this season to be even harder than last – Jamie Chadwick is back to defend her title, Abbi Pulling is back for a full season after finishing in the top eight and getting a pole position last year despite only doing four races, and there are some really fast young drivers attending the pre-season test in Barcelona this week. But hopefully, I’ll have the right tools to launch another strong bid for the title and be able to win the championship. I’ve finished third and second in the two previous seasons, so surely number one is next!”

While the title would be an incredible achievement regardless, Powell believes that: “It would mean a lot to win with Bristol Street Motors. They have supported me since 2008 when they were one of my first big sponsors in Ginetta Juniors, and they have continued to help me throughout my career, so to be back with them is a great feeling. Being with a British team is really nice and they did a fantastic job last year supporting W Series, so it’s great that they have a team and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Moreover, the newly added team will be crucial in sharing the values W Series races for, as stated by W Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir: “Our partnership with Click2Drive Bristol Street Motors Racing is incredibly valuable, as they champion W Series and women in motorsport in general. Like the rest of the W Series family, Bristol Street Motors is helping make enormous strides towards changing the face of motoring, creating more opportunities for women.”

Not only Click2Drive Bristol Street Motors Racing will support W Series but the Championship will also join their #TypicalWomanDriver campaign, created to reduce the stigma regarding women drivers, as Bond Muir announces a partnership based on common values: “By competing in our teams’ championship this year, Click2Drive Bristol Street Motors Racing is demonstrating confidence in W Series and our ability to grow interest and participation in motorsport across all sections of society. I am delighted to back the #TypicalWomanDriver campaign, which will reach even more people and challenge old-fashioned stereotypes about women behind the wheel. I am very excited to see how this partnership develops.”

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