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Alfa Romeo: “We have a question mark around Kimi”

The Swiss team is looking forward 2022

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Alfa Romeo is one of the hottest seats of the moment, considering the uncertain presence of Kimi Raikkonen on the grid in 2022. The Ferrari Driver Academy seat will probably be, once again, occupied by Antonio Giovinazzi, who is gaining interesting results in 2021.

Both seats remain, however, uncertain. From Callum Ilott to Mick Schumacher, to Theo Pourchaire and Valtteri Bottas, many talents are in the run but the Swiss team hasn’t yet made a call.

Vasseur told GPFans it’s still too early to discuss the silly season as the team wants to keep pressure on the drivers and the decision will be taken only near the end of the season: “It is far too early to discuss this. We are working together, we have tonnes of races in a row over the last two or three months and I think we discuss together in the last part of the season, not before.”

Moreover, Alfa Romeo will only make a move after Mercedes and Red Bull have closed their deals: “We don’t know what could happen around us, in the junior series and in the top of the field and so on and we don’t want to take this kind of commitment today. We know the grid will be fulfilled by the top, Mr. Wolff will make his own decision, and then Mr. Horner and then at one stage it will come to us.”

Hence, the team isn’t rushing a decision, and fans (and drivers) will have to wait and see: “We are not in a rush to make this kind of decision but things are moving and for sure we have a question mark around Kimi, but Antonio is improving.”

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