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Alex Albon Hopes For A Red Bull Driver Spot Next Year

Taking the test and reserve driver position changed his perspective.

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Alex Albon’s outlook on life is different this season.

Alex is learning car development and testing a variety of areas with the Red Bull Racing reserve Team.

Albon said, “I’m seeing what goes on at the factory behind the scenes, the development work, and seeing the things we work on in the simulator go to the track. It’s very rewarding. Of course, it’s not what I want to be doing long-term, but it’s interesting to see. I’m learning from Max and Checo about the car.

The Thai-British driver gets to see the front of the house and background scenes of what it takes to perform at the race weekends. He gets the most exposure to the Red Bull machinery as the car evolves with technology improvements.

Simulators have been key in determining driver decisions and racing strategies. This has led to Perez’ pace and Verstappen’s victories.

Alex acknowledges that there isn’t a seat this year. It will take a massive effort to get a place next year. With the likes of AlphaTauri drivers, Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda, there’s a bit of competition. Hopefully, the test and reserve driver position won’t last too much longer and he will get a driver seat. If it’s for him though, it will happen.

Right now though, Alex is participating in the 2021 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters competition. For DTM, Albon is currently 4th with 31 points from 31 races under the AlphaTauri  AF Corse team.

Who knows if we’ll see Albon in a Red Bull racing on the track or perhaps will he join a new team?! The possibilities are endless.

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