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A tragic day for UK motorsport

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Saturday 31 July was a very sad day for the motorsport community. The world lost a volunteer marshal, working at Brands Hatch circuit. He was tragically killed when a car left the road and flew through the safety barriers, barrel rolling into a marshal post. 

The British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) confirmed the tragic outcome in a statement Saturday evening. The statement read: “The British Automobile Racing Club is saddened to confirm that as a result of an accident that occurred during a race meeting at Brands Hatch circuit today (Saturday 31 July), a volunteer marshal tragically lost their life. The rest of the day’s racing activity was cancelled.

As with any major incident, the BARC is now working with the national governing body, Motorsport UK, and the local police.

On behalf of everyone connected with the BARC, we are devastated by the loss of one of the amazing volunteer marshal community who do so much to enable the sport to take place. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the family and friends of all those involved.

It is anticipated that the event will resume on Sunday.”

Formulanerds were terribly saddened by the incident, as was the whole community related to motorsport. These marshals give up their time to allow us to see the sports we all love, and their part in the community cannot be understated.

If anyone is affected by the tragic events, people at the Formulanerds and beyond are always here to listen.

We would also like to extend our best wishes to all affected by the 24hr of Spa crash. We are pleased to hear all drivers have escaped life-threatening injuries, and wish all drivers the very best in their recovery. This incident highlights further the crucial role marshals play in allowing our sport to take place.

Article dedicated to all marshals, who allow us to enjoy motorsport to the fullest, they are true unsung heroes.

Image: @tycuthbert

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