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Bahrain Grand Prix
Bahrain Grand Prix

2022 Sprint race locations revealed?

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The six locations for sprint races in the 2022 season have been revealed.

Proposals to the teams for next seasons events were made last weekend in Saudi Arabia. The six locations, as reported by Autosport, are set to be Bahrain, Imola, Montreal, Spielberg, Zandvoort and Interlagos.

There has been some discussion over how far the sprints were a success this year. F1 are keen to persevere with the format, and are looking to expand its use over the season.

These are still initial proposals and require agreement from the teams. The main issues that remain are around funding, and not the sprint format itself.

There is debate from the teams over whether the cost cap could be raised to accommodate extra sprint races. Or, whether the teams will simply receive some extra money for each sprint event.

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Verstappen and Hamilton after the Silverstone sprint race this season.

Autosport also reported that the sprint race at Bahrain could be held around the outer loop, before returning to the full track for the Sunday Grand Prix.

This comes as F1 are hoping to discuss further tweaks to the 2022 sprint format with the teams.

This includes proposals to give points to the entirety of the top 10 on a Saturday, not just the top 3.

Some sources have suggested that F1 may plan to make the sprint races their own events, meaning they will be races in themselves, and won’t set the grid for Sunday’s race.

If F1 gain approval for this, this would mean they could be more radical with the format. This would allow for additional layouts for the Saturday Sprint race, like the outer circuit in Bahrain.


Featured Image Credit: Habeed Hameed under Creative Commons 

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