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2021 F1 Calendar Schedule UPDATE

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The 2021 F1 calendar has now been confirmed, including the start times of each session. There is but one race TBC, and that is pencilled in for the 2nd of May (the third race of the season).

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All of the races will now start on the hour, rather than the unusual 10 past. It’s going to be weird not having that extra 10 minutes to grab a beer and nip to the toilet, but, I welcome it with open arms. I really cant see what the big difference is to be honest!

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We got in touch with David Croft (the guy who shouts “ITS LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO”) on Twitter, and asked him if there was any particular race he was looking forward to.

He said: “My big hope is that all 23 races go ahead as planned – including the TBC. Other than that, I missed Austin and Mexico last year, and the uniqueness of Monaco. So fingers crossed we can get back there again”

David Croft replying to FormulaNerds on Twitter

Quite frankly, I cant believe it was THOSE 3 races that he missed most. Austin’s okay, Mexico isn’t bad, but MONACO!? Maybe 2020 got to the guys head a little bit. Either way, we are all looking forward to some on track action

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