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Why should American sports fans watch Formula 1?

The sport is rapidly growing in popularity in the US, which has traditionally been dominated by NASCAR and INDY

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There are many popular sports. They are not as successful as they should be. However, it is not an issue as they are slowly being recognized by the fans. Among such sports is Formula 1, which is slowly taking over US sports fans’ hearts.

F1 is one of the sports that has many fanatics but is yet to have the same level of success as baseball, American football, soccer, or basketball. Nevertheless, since its popularity is growing daily, it is a perfect time to talk more about Formula 1 and why it fascinates sports fans.

Secondary Profit and Fun

One of the first reasons why Formula One should get more recognition from sports fans is sports betting. This particular activity is an excellent chance to get a little bit of profit on the side. It has all the same rules as baseball or any other activity. That is why it will be perfect for any US sports fan. Many fans watch Formula 1 because they can place bets and win money. The adrenaline rush always attracts players. Besides, there are not a lot of other activities that are just as fascinating and thrilling as car racing. It is full of adrenaline, danger, and intriguing turns. You never know what you might expect. That is another reason why sports betting here is on the next level.

Accessibility and Comfort

Our answer would be positive if you were wondering whether you can access Formula 1 streaming anywhere. Even though it is not as popular as the Super Bowl, there is a long list of providers and channels actively promoting Formula 1. In other words, you will not be able to enjoy the show in HD quality. You also don’t have to travel anywhere. You can easily find a YouTube stream or watch an already-recorded show. In short, it is just as convenient as the Super Bowl, even if Formula 1 is not as popular among the fanatics.

Commentators Add Even More Fun

This particular sport is not the only activity that you can enjoy. As you are well aware, mini-shows have different commentators. Since Formula 1 doesn’t allow much talking for the drivers, commentators have so much stuff to tell you. All of them are insanely hilarious, and it will turn even a less exciting race into a magnificent show. Therefore, even if you’re not necessarily interested in sports cars, you will enjoy a standup show associated with this particular activity. Some of such commentators are just as well known as the drivers themselves. They often fall the blanket towards themselves, and many fans follow whatever they say.

Becoming Fans of Drivers

Just like commentators, drivers also have their fanbase. People who are not interested in car racing will mostly pay attention to drivers. They have specific hobbies, personalities, and ways to attract sponsors and fans. In many ways, they are very similar to Hollywood, celebrities, and actors. They constantly stream about their future, car races, or talk more about their personal lives. Some people enjoy their looks, while others want to follow in their footsteps and become drivers. Whatever the case, a good portion of this fanbase is interested in people just as much as they are thrilled with the dangers of this particular sport. Drivers use their popularity to get even more money and work on sponsorships.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re interested in car racing, it is the perfect time to get involved with Formula One. It is not as popular as many successful American sports, but it will soon reach the same level of success. You might as well jump on this bandwagon while it is still as relevant as it is now. Besides, more and more people will be throwing money into Formula One and different drivers. Teams will get more recognition, and even commentators will become local celebrities. This also means that this industry will be slowly growing in terms of its financial status. It is a great opportunity to enjoy sports betting. Since it is not the most popular sport, you might be a runner-up to becoming a professional. Lastly, if you want to do sports betting, don’t forget to do so responsibly and enjoy the overall process.

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Leslie Alexander is a content lead. She focuses on sports betting amongst other things. After all, even in her free time, Leslie always evaluates odds and works on her betting strategy.

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