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Where Is The Fire From Ferrari?

Being seconds quicker is on the way.

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Ferrari is the only team to compete in every season of F1. They have grown over the years as an iconic and successful team. 

2020 was an unexpected performance. Ferrari failed to win a race, achieved three podiums and dropped to sixth in the constructors’ championship. Starting 2021 with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz as Ferrari racing drivers, we’re starting to see a spark this season.

In Spain, Charles Leclerc drove with pace and precision placing P4. Charles admitted, “This year you can see that the team has made a step in the right direction. It shows that all the work that people have done back in Maranello and at the track is paying off. We can see it on the track. We want to be fighting. The way we work is the right way and we just need to keep working as a team.”

With balance and focus, the Ferrari team can find their way. Feeling good in the car is important as it’s the first point of contact. A strong start in qualifying and in the actual race is essential to maintain position. 

A frustrating few days for Carlos Sainz left him with a P7 finish in Barcelona. It’s clear that the car was better and dominated the middle of the table. Ferrari were fantastic with their pits stops. Yet overtaking remained a challenge. Improvement is necessary on the straights. Being seconds quicker is the only way.

Sainz said, “The car was well balanced and it performed quite well with the tyres. We must continue to analyse where we weren’t perfect and push from there!”

Binotto believes in his team as Ferrari team principal. As we’re only 4 rounds in, it’s too early to judge. Despite F1’s regulation changes, Ferrari made key modifications to their cars. They relocated their cooling system and updated their rear floor to assist with aerodynamic elements. The car’s rear suspension parts were rearranged to improve downforce and speed. The front brake ducts were altered from a circular curve design to a box form. It’s somewhat paid off. Ferrari have been consistent in corners. They’re putting in a competitive performance with smart strategies. We shouldn’t underestimate the synonymous red and yellow team taking significant steps to improve.

The ‘Prancing Horse’ is ready racing towards the checkered flag. Home to Charles Leclerc, Monaco is going to be a special race in 10 days. For the driver standings, Charles Leclerc is 5th with 40 points. Carlos Sainz is 8th with 20 points. Ferrari are fighting in 4th in the constructor standings. With a Louis Vuitton trophy case design and recent visit from professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, this may be the good luck charm needed. Where do you think the drivers will finish in Monaco? Let us know your Grand Prix predictions on social media in the comment section.

Headline Image Credit: Scuderia Ferrari.

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