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Was the Portuguese Grand Prix boring?

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Under the Portuguese sun, Lewis Hamilton conquered his 97th victory in Formula One and together with Verstappen and Bottas set the record for the most recurring podium in F1. However, many fans were not completely satisfied by the race, but was the GP actually boring?

The start of the race was quite sparkling with Hamilton and Verstappen trying to take the lead, both highly motivated by the disappointing qualifying of the Saturday. After Raikkonen’s DNF, the Safety Car gave fans and drivers the chance of a restart. Much happened in a few laps with Verstappen overtaking Hamilton and then losing the position due to a mistake. On lap 20, an incredible demonstration of expertise and strength from the current champion reminded the audience of Lewis Hamilton’s ability in wheel to wheel racing. Then the race became more stable thanks to Mercedes proving to be the quickest car on track.

In the mid field, Norris and Leclerc conducted an eventless and lonely race, but Sainz struggled with his strategy and Ricciardo went on a mission to recover positions from his starting place. The true surprise in Portimao was Alpine’s newly found pace with both Ocon and Alonso. The last one, especially, remembered motorsport historians of the “old” Alonso and is creating expectations for the next races.

Image Credit: Uralkali Haas F1 Team

Surprisingly, I found myself particularly interested in the lower part of the grid as George Russell lost inexplicably positions and Mick Schumacher was able to overtake Latifi’s Williams and finish the race more than a minute ahead of his teammate, showing the first glimmers of talent in the main series.

Portimao had everything to be considered a good race with wheel to wheel racing, frequent and possible overtaking, different strategies, a fight for the lead, a team unexpectedly quick and action in all parts of the grid. Why then did we feel like nothing happened? Low grip, graining, and DRS didn’t effectively contribute in making the race more exciting but made the pace difference more evident in the long distance. Hence the final results show a grid almost divided by teams, with the more experienced driver inside of the team in front and the “rookie” behind, without the unpredictability of the last two races. In conclusion, the Portuguese Grand Prix was not boring, but simply less eventful than the GPs in Bahrain and Imola and Formula One is always interesting if one knows where to look.

Headline Image: Steve Etherington – Mercedes AMG F1 Media Database

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