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Is the Russell/Bottas decision already made…? Quite possibly!

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When Valtteri Bottas and George Russell were paired together in Thursday’s press conference, everyone knew there would be one key question asked. That question was indeed asked, but the answer came as somewhat of a surprise. 

The second Mercedes seat is the biggest talking point in Formula 1 right now. Bottas has the seat, Russell wants the seat, but who will have the seat in 2022?

In the press conference for this weeks race, both were asked about their future. Usually, when this question has been asked the response is something along the lines of ‘no decision has been made’, but this wasn’t the case this week.

When asked about his future, Bottas said that there is “no news to share”. He went on to say “maybe I know something, maybe I don’t.” 

Russell was of course asked the same question and gave the same “no news to share” response.

This has been extensively talked about over the weekend, with everyone noting that neither said there is no decision made. Over the last few weeks, Russell has been talking confidently, acting in a way that led many to assume the seat was all his.

Bottas meanwhile was staying quiet, calmly getting on with his business, and doing a very good job (excluding Hungary)

In this weeks press conference, Bottas seemed a little happier than usual, where Russell seemed much less confident than in recent weeks.

Bottas was quizzed on this further while in the media pen and still refused to say he didn’t know, sticking to the ‘no news to share’ line.

My 2 pence would say the decision is made and the drivers know, but all is yet to be confirmed.

There are of course cases for both drivers, pros and cons, but Mercedes decision remains unknown.

Wolff sets date for Russell/Bottas decision


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