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With the site ever-expanding, we took a trip to visit the Escapade site at Silverstone to catch up on their progress. 

Escapade Birds eye
The site will offer a trackside stay to its guests from 2023. (Image Credit: Escapade Living)

Escapade marks a new era of motorsport hospitality at Silverstone.  Set to open in summer 2023, the site will house 60 residences and a clubhouse.

After first interviewing Escapade Living on the Cut to the Race podcast in January, we caught up with them on-site for an update.


They commented on the progress of the site, saying, “Since we last spoke to you guys a few months ago, we’ve now built some of the first structures and the clubhouse foundations are in.”

The site is set to feature 60 residences ranging from two- to four-bedroom properties. When discussing the intentions of the site, Escapade commented:

“Fundamentally, we’re a hotel and it’s an investment property as well. So if you want to invest £750,000 to £2.2 million, basically those investors are buying a property which they can then generate returns from and use when they want to.”


The site is also set to feature a clubhouse looking out over Becketts. The clubhouse is set “11 metres back from the track and it’s a driver-focused clubhouse.” The driver-focused clubhouse gym will be designed by a team who have previously worked with Formula 1 teams to provide the best possible experience.

Escapade Clubhouse
Aside from the driver-focused gym, the clubhouse is also home to a pool overlooking the track. (Image Credit: Escapade)

The clubhouse is set to be “very much a driver performance centre, but also one that’s designed to help people relax and enjoy their time off the track.”

Speaking on the uniqueness of the site, Escapade commented:

“I think what tracks have lacked, especially in the UK, there’s nowhere where you can re-energise and stay and have a drink with your mates. You’d have to go off to a pub or somewhere away. So we’re bringing that five-star relaxation experience while not being a spa. It’s somewhere that people can, yeah, re-energise basically and enjoy their time away from home.”

Formula 1 opening

Looking towards the 2023 British Grand Prix, 37 of the residences are set to be open in time for the race weekend. This is also set to include the clubhouse and all its amenities such as the swimming pool and gym. Providing the best view of the track, the roof terrace will also be available for use. The terrace is set to be level with the Becketts stand providing an unobstructed view across the track.

All information on the site’s progress and availability can be found on the Escapade Silverstone site.

Head Image Credit: Escapade Living

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