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Emmie Jones, Red Bull’s first woman mechanic, on her F1 milestone

Ex-Mercedes F1 technician, Emmie Jones, made history as the first woman mechanic at Red Bull Racing when she joined the team in 2022

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Emmie Jones’s move to Red Bull marked a significant step for F1, as the sport continues to drive towards a more diverse and inclusive future.

F1 Red Bull Emmie Jones
Red Bull have been the dominant force in F1 since the regulations last changed before the start of the 2022 season. (Image Credit: @redbullracing on X)

In what was a groundbreaking move, Emmie Jones shattered gender barriers by becoming the first female mechanic to join the current F1 World Champions, Red Bull Racing. This came having made the transition from her former role at the Milton Keynes-based team’s main rival, Mercedes, via a stint as a mechanic with the now defunct W-Series.

The historic milestone at Red Bull underscores ongoing efforts within F1 to enhance diversity. As the sport continues on this progressive path, the doors are opening wider for women to play pivotal roles in shaping the future of motorsport.

Where it all began

In April of last year, Jones spoke candidly with the BBC as part of a drive to showcase the ‘women driving motor racing’. Alongside Mercedes race strategist Rosie Wait and trainee race mechanic Abbie McMurphy, Jones shed more light on her path into the sport.

At 16, living in Wigan, Emmie Jones took a pivotal step in her journey by submitting her CV to a modest “back street garage”. Little did she know that this decision would lead her to what she now considers “the best decision” of her life – joining the fast-paced world of F1.

Commencing her Formula 1 journey in 2018 as a technician for Lewis Hamilton at Toto Wolff’s Mercedes team, after spending time working in W-Series, Jones moved to Red Bull in March 2022.

Tip of the spear

Speaking to the YouTube channel ‘Built for Athletes’, Jones highlighted that the milestone extends far beyond just her:

“To be the first female Oracle Red Bull Racing mechanic is a pretty big achievement for me and I’m very proud to be it and hopefully it can inspire a lot more to follow in my footsteps.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mechanic. Being surrounded by engines throughout my life with my brother and my father, so yeah, being within an F1 team was sort of like the pinnacle. It’s where you want to everyone wants to be the best at whatever they do so it was definitely my main goal.”

The move to a more inclusive track

The landscape of Formula 1 and motorsport as a whole has been undergoing a transformative shift towards greater inclusivity for women. While the next woman driver has yet to emerge in Formula 1, significant progress is evident in the increased visibility of women across various roles within the paddock and technical teams.

From engineers to mechanics, women are breaking barriers and contributing their expertise to the high-stakes world of motorsport. Initiatives such as Lewis Hamilton’s Mission 44 helping to promote diversity and inclusion are gaining momentum, fostering an environment where talent and passion supersede stereotypes.

As positive changes begin to unfold, the motorsport community witnesses a promising era marked by the growing presence of women within the industry, setting the stage for a more diverse and inclusive future.

However, F1 – and motorsport generally – must not rest on its laurels. There is far more that can, and must, be done to ensure a more equal tomorrow. It’s a start, but there is still a long way to go before the landscape of motorsport reflects a truly diverse and inclusive place to work.

Featured Image Credit: Built For Athletes on YouTube

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