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Capturing Magical Moments with Haas F1 Photographer

Andrew Hone has extensive experience in Formula 1 and Formula E.

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Looking behind the lens with freelance sports photographer Andrew Hone who’s sharing his F1 experience so far this season. Currently in Portugal as it’s the Grand Prix weekend, it’s his first time in Portugal surprisingly. He wasn’t here last year as he ventured to another great event, the open road motorsport endurance race, Mille Miglia in Italy instead.

Andrew knew that he wanted to work in motorsport from quite a young age. It became more and more a part of his life and a real passion. Clearly, he’s very lucky to work  around racing cars and drivers for a living.

Hone said, “I’m the Haas F1 team photographer. I’m in the garage and on the track over the course of the weekend trying to make the best images I can for the team. Even when the cars aren’t the quickest on the track I still do everything I can to make sure we are at least represented well photographically.” 

What an amazing job to be front facing and behind the scenes of all the F1 magic. Andrew confirmed, “the best part of my job is being able to visit so many great places around the world that I wouldn’t normally get to see in any other job, it’s a real adventure. The worst part is leaving my family for weeks on end, but a necessity. You can’t have everything!” Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, Andrew’s favourite F1 track is Suzuka but his favourite Grand Prix is Singapore. There’s nothing like it.

Andrew is enjoying the F1 season. The COVID regulations make things quite restricted and difficult at times but it’s become quite normal now. The Haas team are in for a good season. Hone thinks it’s great to see Verstappen finally get the car he needs to challenge Hamilton, but admits that it will still be very close between the two, as seen at Portimão. 

Apart from F1, Andrew also covers Formula E. He noted that, “the biggest difference between my coverage of Formula E and Formula 1 is, at Formula E I’m photographing for the series and at F1 I’m working for my teams Haas and Honda plus others we work for Motorsport Images. At Formula E, I’m very much trying to suggest a range of improvements that range from making trackside improvements for photography overall and to creative projects to show off the series in the best light. It was great to see Formula E host the first night race, it’s always great to see race cars under the lights.” 

This season, Hone is looking forward to the calendars settling down going into next year so we can all get back into a rhythm and concentrate fully on the job in hand once again.

Andrew advises, “I’ve always followed my instincts with work, and always go with my gut in decision making, that way you can’t blame anyone else when it goes wrong. My advice to people aspiring to work in motorsport is that you need to be honest with yourself and decide if it’s for you. There are so many layers to it that make it difficult. The people who make it are the ones who don’t stop at the setbacks (of which there will be many) and don’t take no for an answer. If you keep going you will eventually get there.” 

Headline Image Credit: Andrew Hone Photography.

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