Bottas still believes he can win 2021 title

The flying Finn refuses to give up

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The 2021 season has got off to a tough start for Valtteri Bottas, but despite this, the Finn still believes the 2021 title is within his grasp.

People often ask me why I support a driver that is ‘struggling’ in his car – and the simple answer is that his mental strength is so admirable. Shown here more than ever.

Bottas is constantly under fire in the media for one reason or another, and much of this ‘hate’ is unjustified. It would be easy for someone in Bottas’ position to give up, go home, and retire. But this thought has clearly not crossed Bottas’ mind. Bottas has had one bad race in 2021, and people immediately call for him to be sacked and replaced mid-season, I feel this is totally unjustified. As does Valtteri himself.

Bottas had come under fire from the press after a Daily Mail article circulated saying he could be replaced mid-season. Bottas was quick to shut these rumours down saying “There’s only one team that does that” (talking about Red Bull).

Bottas’ recent statements reaffirm this point, as he told “Definitely the mental strength has been tested, It’s not been the easiest ride to start with, having two DNFs before Azerbaijan. So yeah, I would say there have been setbacks, and it’s all about how you bounce back from those and how you move forward.

“The loser’s option is to give up and that’s not something I will do.

“I’m still keeping very strong mentally and knowing it’s a long, long season ahead and for sure many good battles to come and hopefully many wins.

“I have full belief in myself, and for us as a team that we still have time to do good things.

We will stick together, there’s no doubt,” Bottas was quick to state “We have great team spirit and we know how much it matters to stick together as a team.

“We have a big fight on our hands for sure with Red Bull, and it seems like on some tracks with Ferrari as well.

“These kind of things just motivate us even more. And I can see everyone is super-motivated this year with the competition, so there’s no doubt about that.

“We are keen to get the results we are chasing for and especially myself, I can tell you that.”

Some publications and media outlets are convinced that Bottas won’t be at Mercedes in 2022, and if this is the case, I feel it will be Mercedes loss, as they won’t find another driver with as much mental strength as VB.

While VB unquestionably faces an uphill challenge to take the 2o21 title, one thing is for sure. It’s the message he lives by, the message on his merch, and the message people can take a lesson from. He’ll ‘NEVER GIVE UP.’



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