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Bottas and The Bee – The Full Story

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If you haven’t already heard about Bottas and The Bee, it’s got to be one of the most amusing things to come out of 2020 so far, and without doubt the best story of the Russian GP. So forget Hamilton’s penalty and the controversy surrounding it, its nothing on this…

It was believed by many that Bottas starting the race in P2, would (and should) be able to take the lead by placing himself in the slipstream of teammate Lewis Hamilton along the infamously long drag race into Turn 1 . Essentially a carbon copy of the move he successfully pulled in the 2017 Russian GP to take the lead,

As the lights went green, Hamilton and Bottas both got off the line well and it was exactly as expected… Bottas took the lead approaching Turn 1. However, Bottas says he was then DISTRACTED which caused a mistake in the breaking zone giving Lewis the lead back again.

What on earth could distract an F1 driver, in the lead going into Turn 1?

This is where it gets good – In a post-race interview, Bottas explains that it was a in fact a BEE that caused his mistake heading into Turn 1, giving the lead back to championship rival and teammate Hamilton. Bottas said:

“I knew the start was going to be the first opportunity. Actually, it was a bit compromised because there was like a massive bee or something that hit my visor as I was braking. I couldn’t really see when I should brake. So that’s why I went too deep”

We have all heard some great excuses for driver errors in the past but this one was fantastic, especially said by the calm cool Bottas.

Even Mercedes themselves couldn’t take the story seriously:

Ultimately it made no difference to the outcome of the race though, but it certainly entertained the FormulaNerds team.

You can watch the interview below:

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