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Oli Whitney
Founder & Managing Director
Sam Coop
Editor in Chief / Podcast Panel

Hi, I’m Samuel. I work in Capital Markets and Corporate PR but studied Politics and International Relations at University, before starting my career in the investment industry. I’ve loved Formula One since a young age – like Kimi Räikkönen and Fernando Alonso (and Juan Pablo Montoya), I made my debut at the 2001 Australian Grand Prix. This season, I’ve had the privilege of becoming an F2 & F3 Editor, alongside covering F1.

Deputy Editor / Podcast Panel

Hi, I’m Abby and I’m a Creative Writing student from Essex, England. I have loved cars for as long as I can remember so inevitably fell in love with Motorsport, specifically the speed, the gorgeous cars, the technical side of things and the anticipation of the unknown on a race weekend.

James Mackenzie
Senior Editor / News Podcast Host

Hi, I’m James. My dad made sure I loved F1 as soon as I could walk and I’m now making a career out of talking about it. I moved to Paris at the end of 2020 and suddenly became a sports commentator for Eurosport and Ligue 1. (I’ve got my eye on your mic, Crofty.)

Richard Guthrie
F1 Editor / Head Of Twitter
Dalila Zanardo
W-Series Editor / F1 Writer

Hi, I’m Dalila! In 2018, I accidentally ended up at the Italian Grand Prix and found a whole new world. I was moved by the Tifosi’s passion and deep love for the sport to find out more. Now, I try to help narrate the present and future of the sport to make it accessible to everyone.

Leah Dodgson-Roberts
Head Of Instagram

Hi, my names Leah and im a Digital Marketing Grad from Greater Manchester, England. My family are major F1 fans so naturally, I have followed the sport however I love everything about it: Speed, history, the geeky specs and rules and the not knowing of what will happen every weekend.

Grace Robinson
F1 Writer / Podcast Panel

Hi, I’m Grace and I’m a student studying history and politics. That being said i’ve always loved science and tech AND always loved cars. Before I became a fan of F1 I was a massive Top Gear fan and definitely watched it when I was too young (oh well). When you mix Science, Cars, A grand History and Drama (which is basically Politics) you get F1. F1 is an amazing combination of literally all my favourite things. I’m a massive geek and count down the minutes until lights out.

Lena Ferle
F1 Writer

Hey, I’m Lena, and I’m from Germany. Since I was little, I’ve been interested in fast cars and loud engines. So the path to my interest in Formula 1 was paved – mainly thanks to my roots because every German knows Michael Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel. The adrenaline rush, the history, the technology, everything interests me about motorsport. What I love most about race weekends is that everything can change in seconds.

Catherine Micallef
F1 Writer

“You know when you’re busy and constantly thinking about problems? But then you do or watch something and it all goes away and then just know that you can face. Well F1 is that something for me and seeing those drivers, making the impossible happen, motivates me to always do my best. Formula One affected me in a way that no sport have before.”

James Phillips
F1 Writer

Hi, I’m James and I’ve been an avid F1 fan since the age of six! Having been introduced to the roaring V10 engines and beauty of the cars in the 1990s, I have watched F1 evolve into the truly global spectacle it is today. The passionate fans, overtakes, intense rivalries and drama on and off the track make F1 so unique that no other sport can match it.

Andy Powell
Barney Walker

Facebook Admin

Hi I am Barney Walker. I was invited to join formula Nerds Facebook by a friend of the owner as he saw my own social media feed praying every week for Mclaren to perform. My goal is to one day do a paddock walk with Formula Nerds merchandise on and interview drivers or a live FB feed for the group now being a Co Admin of the group, that is my dream and it will happen with this great team I am part of.

Jeannemarie Parsons

Facebook Admin

Hi I’m Jeanne’marie (JM) Parsons.  I have my little brother to thank for introducing me to Formula One. After watching my first Grand Prix, there was no stopping my drive to learn as  much as I could about the sport. I was fascinated by every aspect of it and all the variables that can the affect performance in a race.  It’s crazy details like knowing that every single beautiful curve and line you see on a Formula One car has been designed to an exact preciseness to serve a technical purpose towards the ultimate goal of going faster than any other car on that grid that blows my mind about this sport, and continues to drive my passion for F1 today!

Kenneth May

Facebook Moderator

I’ve been following F1 since the early 90s, but my first motorsport memory is Niki Lauda clinching the title in 1984. Away from F1, I like to follow junior formulae and try to pick out up and coming drivers, and I hope to return to karting myself in the near future.

Scott Berry

Facebook Moderator

I started watching F1 in the late nineties so I grew up on Mika Hakkinen vs Michael Schumacher and became a huge Schumacher fan as he built a team and dominated the sport for the next 6 or 7 years (no prizes for guessing where I sit on the GOAT debate – clearly it’s Ross Brawn). More recently I’ve been lucky enough to go to the Silverstone Grand Prix and to have tickets to Monaco later this year.
Nowadays race weekends are spent ensuring my kids benefit from the same indoctrination I grew up with. Trying to share my own limited knowledge of tyre strategy and aerodynamics, and negotiating the arguments between my Red Bull living eldest and youngest and my Hamilton fan middle child. By comparison moderating the FormulaNerds Facebook is a breeze!

Jo Horsley

Facebook Moderator

Hi, I’m Jo HorseyI’ve been into F1 as long as I can remember – my whole family are petrolheads & weekends were spent either lap scoring/number cleaning at motocross enduros in Wiltshire, or trying to balance a full roast dinner on our laps at my grandads house watching the race. My earliest memory is being shouted at for spilling peas & gravy on the pink & orange carpet during Suzuka ’89!
I’ve been lucky enough to attend Silverstone & Singapore GPs, but hope to tick a few more off the list with my travel-loving girlfriend in the next few years .

Ben Spriggs

Facebook Moderator

I have been following f1 for as long as I can remember my earlest memory of f1 is unfortunately the imola crash in 94 I can’t say anymore than that. From there I have just loved everything that f1 has to offer From all the rivalries to every gp start/first corner racing to the pits till the end I’m always waiting for the next race.
I’m fairly new to the nerds team and all ready feel part of the nerds family I’m hoping to try and work my way up the ranks and put 100% of my time and effort to make formula nerds as successful as it can before the whole team

Jace Ravensburg

Facebook Moderator

I started watching F1 through the enthusiasm of my dad & little sister and have since been hooked on the sport. I love being a moderator for the FormulaNerds pages as it is a fun break from my other responsibilities as a wheelchair basketball athlete, board game developer/playtester and scientist in the making. I hope to see loads of interesting discussions and insights from all over the world as learning new things from others is one of my passions.

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